Josh terry's

practice of purpose academy

This is a community for people that are into improving their lives across multiple dimensions using knowledge and hard work.I've been sharing a lot of what I know online for the last several years. And before that, I learned a lot from others who did the same. Since I started getting to know brilliant folks and sharing that knowledge on a more personal level my life has only continued to accelerate. This is a place for everyone to do more of that.Inside you will find:
- A course on Mental Models
-Weekly group coaching Q&A sessions with me
-Writing prompts for tangible growth
- A place to build community and talk about the challenges you're going through in building your life, business, and relationships.
- Me haunting the chat rooms regularly, answering questions, talking about life, guiding you where I can, and coming up with new ideas to explore with you.
- The option to join into workshops I'll be running in the future.
The world is moving quickly.Together, we'll learn as much as we can so we can move even faster.